Top Design Trends Consumers Are Loving in 2022

The world of interior design is a gateway into the hearts of the modern-day consumer. There is a growing demand for businesses to keep up with interior design trends in 2022, in order to better curate a marketplace that gains traction and stands out against competitors. The popularity of social media has brought a rise in design trends, and it can be difficult to track what will maintain relevance in years to come. Let’s break down the top design trends consumers are loving in 2022. If you’re a home decor company, these are perfect examples of what to look for when finding a B2B decor distributor.


1. Modern Rustic Home Decor

Consumers have shown increased interest in modern homes with rustic accents. The popular rustic home decor trend has been relevant for years and continues to be loved by many globally. When it comes to home decor, people like to incorporate pops of color alongside their subdued household staples. Rustic home decor uses wooden and natural materials to create a cozy environment that’s timeless. Consumers like that products are diverse and complement various design styles. Rustic home decor pairs well with different furniture designs while bringing warmth and dialog into a room. It’s guaranteed to be a crowd favorite as we continue into 2022.


2. Artisan Driven Design

Sustainability has become a hot topic for consumers and is widely prioritized when people are making purchasing decisions. In the twenty-first century, modern marketing techniques aren’t carrying the weight they once did. Consumers want to feel the history behind their products and know they’re supporting artisans that are treated well. The growing demand for pieces handmade by artisans, who’ve been perfecting their techniques for generations, makes this a great option for B2B wholesale ideas.


3. Woven Furniture and Accessories

Woven furniture and accent pieces have made their way into kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms, and more. Consumers love the eccentric nature of designs that add a delicate touch to their home decor. Whether people are looking for modern kitchen decor, or living room decorating ideas, woven accessories have been in high demand. This includes woven wall art, baskets, home storage, and kitchen serving bowls. The key to staying relevant in the eyes of consumers is choosing products that work well with various styles. E-commerce stores are saturated with popular trends that only hold relevancy for a few months. The natural colors and organic feel of woven accessories compliment beach, boho, and vintage aesthetics that make it a versatile product line to carry for consumers.


4. Household Plants and Decorative Potting

People have been loving a natural look in their homes, and frequently using houseplants to spruce up their space. Design trends in 2022 show an increasing demand for decor pieces that transition well, even when homeowners are looking to change their color scheme. The rise in houseplants has created a growing consumer demand for eccentric potting options for small and large plants. This allows them to add character to their home in subtle ways and appeals to even the most minimalist consumer audience. It’s a great time to incorporate unique house plant pots into online marketplaces to appeal to this rising design trend.


5. Unique Lighting Fixtures

When people are looking for a change, but don’t want to invest in a full home renovation, it’s shown the first thing they do is update their lighting fixtures. Lighting has the power to change the energy of an entire room and is one of the most effective ways to add a decorative touch to outdated areas. Unique lighting fixtures that stand out and don’t reflect traditionalist styles are a major design trend in 2022. People of all ages are moving away from standard fixtures and opting for stylish lighting options.


6. Tactile Art and Gallery Walls

Gallery walls have increased in popularity in recent years, and consumers love incorporating textiles and textured art. In 2022, art will show an emergence of texture, dimension, and any element that can bring a one-of-a-kind look to a space. Home design companies are going to have to think out of the box and stay on top of wall art ideas that give consumers the edge they’re looking for. Traditional and mass-produced art is losing the appeal it once had in marketplaces. It’s important to prioritize items that tell a story and accent well in diverse homes.


7. Biophilic Designs

This 2022 design trend works in tandem with the rise of house plants in the home space. Biophilic design brings the outdoors into the home through materials, colors, and plants. People are loving the incorporation of warm neutrals into their homes and often choose to supplement this with natural materials. This includes wooden, and naturally sourced products, that go beyond traditional decor styles. Many interior designers have pointed out the comfort of these colors, textures, and patterns. This has led to higher demand and growing awareness, of biophilic designs as a top style in 2022.


8. Functional Decor

With the rise in minimalism trends, consumers are on the hunt for functional decor that serves many purposes. The modern-day consumer likes acquiring items that accentuate their home while optimizing storage efficiency. While some people still admire decorative showpiece pieces for home accents, others want items that are stylish as well as functional. For example, a basket for blankets, toys, kitchen utensils, and other mandatory accessories that can be multi-functional. People are also showing interest in decorative pet homes, and other items of similar function. This is a beneficial product line to add to your e-commerce store to keep your marketplace up to date with consumer needs.


These are some of the top design trends that are predicted to be high-grossing products throughout 2022. It’s essential as an eCommerce store to stay informed on customer demands, and tap into the psychology of the twenty-first-century buyer. These are some great recommendations to add to your storefront this year.


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